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This is the schedule for the Linux Security Summit 2011, to be held in Santa Rosa in conjunction with Linux Plumbers Conference on Thursday, 8th September.

Schedule subject to change: check this page for updates.


Presentation sessions are 30 minutes in length, including discussion.

Time Title Presenter
09:00 Smack is Alive and Well Casey Schaufler
09:30 MeeGo Security Update Ryan Ware, Intel
10:00 An Overview of the Linux Integrity Subsystem: Use Cases and Demonstration David Safford and Mimi Zohar, IBM
10:30 break
11:00 Digital Signature support for IMA/EVM Dmitry Kasatkin, Nokia and Ryan Ware, Intel
11:30 Protecting the Filesystem Integrity of a Fedora 15 Virtual Machine from Offline Attacks using IMA/EVM Peter Kruus, JHU APL
12:00 Efficient, TPM-free system integrity checking with device mapper: dm-verity Will Drewry and Mandeep Baines, Google
12:30 lunch (self-funded at nearby location)

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions are in-depth group discussions on emerging and important topics. Discussion leads set the agenda and direct the discussion. Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Time Topic Discussion Leads
14:00 Kernel Hardening: current state, threats, approaches, enhanced seccomp Kees Cook, Canonical and Will Drewry, Google
15:30 break
16:00 LSM Architecture: modularity, stacking Kees Cook, Canonical and Casey Schaufler.
17:30 end
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