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|[[LinuxSecuritySummit2010/Abstracts/Reshetova_MSF_overview|MSF Security Framework Overview]]  ''(slides?)''
|[[LinuxSecuritySummit2010/Abstracts/Reshetova_MSF_overview|MSF Security Framework Overview]]  []
| Elena Reshetova, Nokia
| Elena Reshetova, Nokia

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[edit] Overview

This is the schedule for the Linux Security Summit 2010, to be held in Boston in conjunction with Linuxcon on Monday, August 9th. The format of the event is a series of selected presentations, followed by a Q&A panel, and lightning talks. This schedule is subject to change: check this page for updates.

[edit] Registration

Time Event Notes
08:30 LinuxCon Registration and setup The registration desk will be open from 8am. Please arrive early enough to register (there may be queues) and get settled: we plan to start at 9am sharp.

[edit] Presentations

Presentation sessions are 30 minutes in length, including discussion.

Time Title Presenter
09:00 Recent Advances in the SELinux Sandbox [1] Dan Walsh, Red Hat
09:30 in ur webserver, writin ur logs [2] Joshua Brindle, Tresys
10:00 Integrating Security into Vyatta [3] Stephen Hemminger, Vyatta
10:30 break
11:00 MSF Security Framework Overview [4] Elena Reshetova, Nokia
11:30 Access Control in the MSF Security Framework [5] Janne Karhunen, Nokia
12:00 lunch (self-funded at nearby location)
13:00 Linux Security in 10 Years [6] Brad Spengler, grsecurity
13:30 Using EVM to protect security extended attributes [7] Mimi Zohar, IBM
14:00 Secstate: Integrating SCAP and Puppet for System Lockdown [8] Karl MacMillan, Tresys
14:30 break
15:00 Widely Used But Out-Of-Tree [9] Kees Cook, Canonical
15:30 Linux Security Usability: Restricting Programs Using SELinux, AppArmor and FBAC-LSM [10] Z. Cliffe Schreuders, Murdoch University
16:00 System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) [11] Stephen Gallagher, Red Hat
16:30 break

[edit] Panel

The panel session will start with a discussion topic, followed by open Q&A. Members of the panel will be determined closer to the event.

Time Topic Panel Members Moderator
17:00 The viability of a standard Linux security API Kees Cook, Serge Hallyn, Stephen Smalley Casey Schaufler, Smack Project
17:20 Open Q&A As above, plus Casey Paul Moore, HP

[edit] Lightning talks and closing

From approximately 18:00 to 18:30, we'll hold lightning talks and wrap up the event.

Time Event Moderator
18:00 Lightning Talks (5mins each)                  Joshua Brindle, Tresys
18:30 finish

Lightning talks will be five minutes in length, with up to six slots. Topics will be accepted on the day, with priority given to topics not accepted as main presentations.

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