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=== Program committee ===
=== Program committee ===
James Morris  
* James Morris  
Casey Schaufler
* Casey Schaufler
Serge Hallyn
* Serge Hallyn
Paul Moore
* Paul Moore
Stephen Smalley
* Stephen Smalley
Joshua Brindle
* Joshua Brindle
Tetsuo Handa
* Tetsuo Handa
Herbert Xu
* Herbert Xu
John Johansen
* John Johansen
Andrew G. Morgan
* Andrew G. Morgan

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Linux Security Summit 2010


The inaugural Linux Security Summit will be held in conjunction with LinuxCon Boston.

The aim of the Linux Security Summit is to provide forum for collaboration between Linux OS security developers, researchers, and end users.

The format of the summit will be: selected presentations, lightning talks, and a Q&A panel session.

Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

 o System hardening
 o Access control
 o Cryptography
 o Integrity control
 o Hardware security
 o Networking
 o Storage
 o Virtualization
 o Desktop
 o Tools
 o Management
 o Case studies
 o Emerging technologies, threats & techniques


8th of August, 2010

(extra day possibly TBA)


Renaissance Boston Waterfront, Boston, MA (see the LinuxCon site for more details)


Attendance will be open to registered LinuxCon attendees. Presentations will be selected via a CFP process by the program committee.

Call for Participation

The CfP will be announced soon.


A mailing list will be set up soon, too.

Program committee

  • James Morris
  • Casey Schaufler
  • Serge Hallyn
  • Paul Moore
  • Stephen Smalley
  • Joshua Brindle
  • Tetsuo Handa
  • Herbert Xu
  • John Johansen
  • Andrew G. Morgan
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